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In a report released today, consultants from Ricardo highlight the market forces that challenge automakers ability to service customers in the aftermarket - a core business segment that can generate up to one-third of an automaker s revenue and one-half of its profits.
Global Automakers shares NHTSA's commitment to advancing vehicle safety, and believes NCAP is an important tool for increasing consumer awareness of vehicle crash prevention and protection technology.
At present, Asian automakers from Japan and South Korea, such as Toyota Motor and Hyundai are having a dominant space in the U.
More than two in three say that if taxpayers do help automakers, the government should have a say in how the companies are managed.
According to the officials of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, which hosts the show, it had not received applications from the three automakers by the deadline at the end of February.
Tesla Motors, a United States-based automaker, is collaborating with BMW AG (Xetra: BMW), a Germany-based automaker, Der Spiegel has reported, citing CEO, Elon Musk.
automakers or a German car company, our engineers learn new applications, and the customers for our services can take advantage of our specialized knowledge.
The Big Three automakers were going into CAD 100% in the body panels, and the people who didn't have CAD weren't getting the work," he said.
Automakers commitment to improving vehicle safety is also reflected in the high ratings received by Global Automakers' members' vehicles in both in the U.
David brings public policy experience to our growing State Government Relations team," said Damon Porter, Director of State Relations for Global Automakers.
EPA, our analysis shows that they still offer the best average environmental performance of the eight bestselling automakers," UCS said in a statement.
Automakers often make adjustments to new models in response to customer feedback, but such repairs are not usually publicized.
As automakers get more comfortable with adhesives," says Korchnak, "I suspect they will increase the weld spacing, and-perhaps--downgauge the steel.
automakers have a $2,400 per-vehicle profit disadvantage compared with foreign manufacturers, due to flawed pricing strategies, a lack of common platforms and vehicle architectures, and labor issues, according to a report released Monday.