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Auto Business News-October 3, 2017--BMW looks for one more major automaker to join autonomous technology alliance
With lower fines, automakers can easily manufacture cars with lower fuel efficiency by simply paying a small fine; higher penalties, on the other hand, encourage compliance with more stringent fuel economy standards, which in turn helps decrease carbon and conventional air pollution.
Korean automakers have sold 6,307 cars at a value of EGP 955m.
by Asian automakers are actually built at plants within North America, and not in Asia.
According to the officials of the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association, which hosts the show, it had not received applications from the three automakers by the deadline at the end of February.
Tong Yang announced earlier that it will invest NT$180 million (US$6 million) to renovate coating lines at its plant in Guanyin, Taoyuan County in northern Taiwan, which produces mainly original equipment (OE) parts for automakers, which will double capacity at the factory.
More than two in three say that if taxpayers do help automakers, the government should have a say in how the companies are managed.
He plans to pursue the case, although reportedly as a means to try to pressure automakers to drop their legal challenge of the state's tough new restrictions on greenhouse gases.
The OEM and aftermarket companies have shared the audio space over the years, but the competition has intensified now that automakers have turned to sound systems as a means of differentiation.
American automakers have both suffered and profited from this trait.
Mitsubishi Motors said there is a possibility that DaimlerChrysler may further cut its stake as the German automaker is not bound by any obligation to abstain from selling the Mitsubishi shares, except for a contractual term under which it is not allowed to sell the shares to Mitsubishi's rival automakers unless it gets approval from the Mitsubishi board beforehand.
It took him 10 years and a fight over a patent held by a cartel of automakers that they claimed entitled them to 2 percent of Ford's profits.
In many crashworthiness cases, automakers argue that a safer, stronger vehicle could not have prevented the plaintiff's injuries because the crash was a "heck of a wreck": It was so violent and involved such high speeds that there was no feasible way to better protect the vehicle's occupants.
Dealing with a dual-front of reduced weight (for fuel economy) at lower costs has proven to be a challenging environment for both automakers and their suppliers.
The Department of Transportation drafted a regulation that was influenced by the Rubber Manufacturers Association, but the automakers didn't like it.