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a person who has taught himself

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What's here doesn't tell me anything except that I'm probably in the presence of a pretentious autodidact who's got a generous enough sense of humor to make fun of pretentious autodidacticism.
Awakened to the power of visual art by a chance encounter with a picture in an Amsterdam shop window, Winterson describes her subsequent ardors of autodidacticism, then proceeds to lay down the law on how to really look at a painting.
10 This "educated" frame of reference is acquired not necessarily in school but through autodidacticism, as in the case of socially disadvantaged writers who aspire to creative expression and build up in their own way a wide frame of reference.
Above all, Graves is an apostle for autodidacticism.
The notion of a poetics of autodidacticism is one of the most fertile areas of inquiry that the book proposes, though it must be said that the notion does not rise to the level of a genuine concept or methodological tool in these pages.
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