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Recognizing the fact that any separation of autocracy from democracy requires us to draw the line somewhere, we follow Persson and Tabellini (2009) and said that a country entered a period of autocratic rule when the Polity score was non-positive (i.
It is up to us to end this autocratic rule," Muhammad Bazoum, a leader of the opposition Coordination of Democratic Forces for the Republic (CFDR), told the rally.
I return to a Britain that is apparently in terminal decline under the autocratic rule of the monkeys in Westminster.
He shows great friendship and loyalty, he stands up for the oppressed people of Flanders in front of the king and, in spite of Phillip II's autocratic rule, Rodrigo is not afraid to tell the king a few home truths.
Radovan Karadzic assumed Mr Dabic's identity as a cover during the autocratic rule of his mentor Slobodan Milosevic, officials said yesterday as they promised to track down anyone who helped the Bosnian Serb warlord stay on the run from genocide charges for nearly 13 years.
Discounting the murshidats as "civil servants who serve as window dressing for the King's agenda," she rejects the autocratic rule of the Monarchy and its pro-western orientation.
While a senior colleague who knew him during the era of his autocratic rule of Celtic, told me he could not imagine Jock Stein letting Boruc away with such shenanigans.
After almost two decades of institutional reforms, political regimes across sub-Saharan Africa are shifting away from autocratic rule.
For a relatively few brief periods, it has enjoyed relatively benign autocratic rule, but never genuine self-rule and limited, constitutional government.
This display of impulsive, autocratic rule created a lot of unnecessary ill will among students and teachers.
Under Abdul Hamid's autocratic rule, the Ottomanists and Constitutionalists went into exile.
His successful business endeavours, his nationalistic posture and daring confrontation of the autocratic rule of Dr.
BUCHAREST -- Romanian President Ion Iliescu, a small man in his 70s with silver hair and a disarming smile, guides a group of American visitors through his country's recent history, from World War II through the autocratic rule of Nicolae Ceaucescu to its current struggle to create a free-market economy.