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an expressway in a German-speaking country

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Fortunately, autobahns have no federally mandated speed limit for some classes of vehicles, and this baby is certainly one among them.
VETERAN movie star Sir Anthony Hopkins has once again proved one of the most prolific actors in the movie business by signing up alongside Sir Ben Kingsley to play a ruthless master criminal in new action-thriller Autobahn.
I have travelled (as a passenger) on some of these autobahns on a car journey from Paris to Berlin and back.
Most autobahns have no limits in a country that believes in "free driving for free citizens".
Britain's best road is self-funding, supremely safe, silken smooth, brightly lit and the easy equal of the best autoroutes, autostradas and autobahns in Europe.
Its smiley logo is now ubiquitous--from airport trolleys in Asia to billboards on European autobahns.
Integrated nylon oil sumps for a new line of trucks made by Mercedes-Benz have begun to roll down German autobahns, paving the way for a potential torrent of conversions from aluminum, steel, and thermosets to thermoplastics.
According to the German media, Hitler's new autobahns, presented here as an aesthetic, social, project, were 'the greatest single masterpiece of all times and places', 'the sixth wonder of the world', 'greater than the Great Wall of China', 'more impressive than the pyramids', more imposing than the Acropolis', and 'more splendid than the cathedrals of earlier times'.
The researchers analyzed traffic data collected from sensors built into German autobahns.