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production of antibodies against the tissues of your own body

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Abbas said MS is auto-immune disease that affects the central nervous system attacking nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord.
The new medicines are prescribed to treat blood diseases, rheumatoid arthiritis, allergy, hormone disorders, auto-immune diseases, tumors, bronchial asthma, diseases of the digestive system and others," he explained.
Auto-immune and inflammatory diseases are also attractive targets for immunotherapy, with several different approaches being investigated.
Multiple Sclerosis is an auto-immune disease, in which the body's immune system attacks its own tissues, explained Dr Hany Aref, professor of neurology, Ain Shams University.
2) You could be at an increased risk for celiac disease if you are a Type 1 diabetic, have other auto-immune disorders, or have a family history of celiac disease, wheat allergy and genetic disorders.
A DIET containing too much salt may play a role in auto-immune diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS), research suggests.
Incorrect regulation of NF-kappaB has been linked to cancer and auto-immune diseases.
Lupus is a serious and complicated auto-immune illness with varying symptoms, and affects more than 50,000 people in the UK.
Myasthenia Gravis (MG) is an auto-immune disease, which causes fluctuating muscle weakness - it is often known as the rag doll disease because it leaves sufferers tired and listless.
The auto-immune conditions cause symptoms of abdominal pain and diarrhoea, which can be severe enough to warrant admission to hospital.
She revealed last week that she has "tested borderline positive" for lupus, an auto-immune disorder which can damage vital organs.
It is an auto-immune disease, which means the immune system - which usually fights infection - starts attacking the lining of joints, causing them to be swollen, stiff and painful.
We believe that changes in diet, associated with western lifestyles, contribute to the increasing incidences of asthma, Type 1 diabetes and other auto-immune diseases," he said.
AIt has a seriously long full name - 'lupus erythematosus' - and is a form of auto-immune disease, where the body attacks itself.
T-cell vaccination is becoming popular as a tool in immunology for studying auto-immune T-cell regulation in vivo.