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the burning to death of heretics (as during the Spanish Inquisition)

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His early fiction, from De barro y esperanza through Auto de fe (1957, 1968), can best be understood within the framework of his having experienced and survived a fratricidal civil war in a country unreconciled to coexistence.
The publication of Auto de fe in 1968 earned Rojas Spain's prestigious National Literature Prize "Miguel de Cervantes" and marked his maturity as a novelist.
1580) and the major public images associated with Spanish Imperialism, including the symbols of the auto de fe deployed by the Spanish Inquisition in its efforts to eradicate heresy (King; Kahn; Stroud; and Graf).
This theory is supported by the fact that the bonfire of his library is a parody of the inquisitorial auto de fe.
In 1560, for example, King Philip II (1527-98) ordered an auto de fe to impress his new bride Isabel de Valois; in it, several people were burned alive.