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The need for such a service was identified by Caroline Jones, authour of Wirral's Obesity and Food for Health Strategies, who approached mental health workers.
tells us, represents a literary architect par excellence, "for what in most English wryters useth to be loose, and as it were ungyrt, in this Authour is well grounded, finely framed, and strongly trussed up together" (17).
The authour is English, and there is a realistic European look to his many pastel paintings of England an Provence, but he is a master of the pastel medium and has many insights to share in the more than 100 finished works and the many in-process works illustrated.
I can not tell, how thay the authour call, Quho of this buk, wes first originall.
For early modern play readers, their printed text was effectively singular, although occasional printers' lists of errata (in, for example, Dekker's Satiromastix of 1602), and the sometimes defensive tone of prefatory material (as in Jonson's Every Man Out of his Humour (1600), where the stated motivation for publication is neither to "traduce the Authour, or to make vulgar and cheape") must have been a reminder that this singular text was a contingent one.
much augmented according to the last Edition of the Authour.
For Stories of former Ages are no other, then certain kinde of Romances to succeeding posterity; since they have no testimony for them but mens probable opinions; seeing the Historical part almost of all Countreys is subject to be questioned; neither is it any great matter as to our profit, whether they were exactly so or no, provided Bravery be cherished, and Baseness discountenanced to our Instruction; in that all things are but to teach people how to do well, and avoid the contrary; wherefore [it is] to be considered, that the Authour had a greater desire to discourse the causes of Accidents, then the truth of Actions.
48) The same day the army ordered its secretary, John Rushworth, to argue in print that "the Capitall and grand Authour of our troubles, the person of the King .