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the maximum number of shares authorized under the terms of a corporation's articles of incorporation

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99% stake in SPIL against the AOIs Amendment which seeks to dramatically increase SPIL's authorized share capital and in turn materially and adversely affect ASE's right as a SPIL shareholder.
of the Articles in order to reflect the authorization and empowerment of the board of directors (the Board of Directors) and the reset of the amount of the authorized share capital of the Company; and
Moreover, to facilitate future expansion, the Company proposes to increase the authorized share capital of the Company to HK$1 billion divided into 10 billion Shares at HK$0.
has agreed to pursue the increase of current authorized share capital of 200,000,000 to 300,000,000 and then to reverse the new position by a ratio of 5 old for 1 new which would result in a new authorized capital structure of 60,000.
that the Company's authorized share capital be increased from US$80,000 divided into (a) 560,000,000 Class A Common Shares of a par value of US$0.
8 billion right shares at a discount to raise the authorized share capital from Rs 25 billion to Rs 40 billion.
New Delhi, Aug 27 (ANI): The Union Cabinet today accorded approval for increasing the authorized share capital of the National Minorities Development Finance Corporation (NMDFC) from Rs.
The extraordinary general shareholders' meeting also held today approved the renewal of the validity of the Company's authorized share capital for a further five years and the authorization to the Company's board of directors to issue shares within that limit on the same terms and conditions as previously.
IIFCL, a wholly owned Government of India company, was, incorporated on January 5, 2006 under the Companies Act, 1956 with an authorized share capital of Rs.
TSX VENTURE: RYU) (OTCQB: RYUN) (" RYU ") announces that it has received the approval of the TSX Venture Exchange and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority to amend its share structure by consolidating its authorized share capital and the fully paid and issued common shares (the " Shares ") of the Company on the basis of one (1) post-consolidated Share for each two (2) pre-consolidated Shares issued and outstanding (the " Consolidation ").
Brokersclub AG - increase in authorized share capital Hunenberg,
KARACHI, 09 April ,2009 (Balochistan Times) --Singer Pakistan Ltd has convened its annual general meeting on April 30, 2009 to consider and approve enhancing of authorized share capital of the company to Rs 400 million by issuing ordinary shares.
The Company's shareholders approved an amendment to the Company's Certificate of Incorporation increasing the authorized share capital of the Company from 60,000,000 to 100,000,000 shares of Class A Stock, par value $1.
Hence it is essential that the Authorized Share Capital of the Corporation is enhanced so that the earmarked Central contribution could be released to NMDFC for implementing its schemes for the development of minorities at the lowest rungs of poverty pyramid.
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