authoritarian regime

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a government that concentrates political power in an authority not responsible to the people

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Starting my analysis with Levitsky and Way, I aim to reconsider whether conceiving the high and low linkage as the primary cause of the competitive authoritarian regime trajectories and considering the domestic factors as those to care secondarily in the low linkage cases can be held for other cases out of their study.
President Putin is looking for every opportunity to portray our democracy and values as weak in order to legitimize his own authoritarian regime.
These findings from the South Korean case suggest that the liberalizing effect of mass media in competitive authoritarian regimes is conditional on the extent of government control over the media.
But she also highlighted the importance of the second part of the quote: '[We] need to pay attention, not only to the individual who is charged with beginning to shape an authoritarian regime, but [also to] the individuals who ultimately help that individual to have the kind of power that's necessary to mobilize large swathes of the population.
Erdoy-an's intimidation tactics will never work to help his authoritarian regime gain traction to survive in the medium and long run.
The past fifteen years have seen considerable growth in scholarship on politics under authoritarian regimes as political scientists have sought to understand the development of authoritarianism after the "third wave" of democratization.
Summary: For Egyptian President Mohammad Mursi, perhaps it requires repeating: In early 2011, Egyptians mounted a massive popular uprising in order to remove an authoritarian regime, not to install the Muslim Brotherhood.
There was an appetite for information and news free from state control as the authoritarian regime began to slacken their grip on the media.
Toppling an authoritarian regime with demands for democratization does not, however, bring about suitable conditions for the establishment of democracy.
Today constitutionally Bulgaria is a democracy, but in practice it is ruled by a one-person authoritarian regime that on a daily basis deprives citizens of their political rights, crushes democracy, and treats the state as its own property," argued the socialist leader.
embarrassment for North Korea's authoritarian regime.
North Korea's failed rocket test last Thursday may have been an embarrassment to the authoritarian regime, but it changes little.
It was fought to prevent a militarist authoritarian regime from dominating Europe.
TUNIS (TAP) - Jonas Weiss Memorial Fund awarded its 2011 honorary distinction to Tunisian blogger Lina ben Mhenni, for her efficient contribution in bringing about the fall of the authoritarian regime in her country, which ignited the Arab Spring and spread demands for democratic change throughout North Africa and the Arab world.
1) In this study we use the terms dictatorship and authoritarian regime interchangeably.