authoritarian regime

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a government that concentrates political power in an authority not responsible to the people

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A strong state is the best historical foundation for a durable authoritarian regime, not vice versa.
13) Limited political openings or political reforms create a space for other spheres of elites as well as for civil society, which in turn tend to give rise to a reaction by authoritarian regimes, often implying repression.
The central argument of the book is that the authoritarian regime in Egypt has endured not despite competitive elections but to some degree because of these elections.
Singapore is a very special type of authoritarian regime that is almost impossible to replicate; it is a historical irony that both modern democracies and modern autocracies flourish in city-states.
John Rees, Respect party secretary, said: "It's a shaky authoritarian regime.
We may have a relatively benign Government in place at the moment but just imagine what an authoritarian regime could do with all this information.
North Korea's failed rocket test last Thursday may have been an embarrassment to the authoritarian regime, but it changes little.
There were no further details on the meeting, which is aimed at a ending violence that began with crackdowns on mostly peaceful protests against the authoritarian regime but appears to be transforming into a civil war.
It was fought to prevent a militarist authoritarian regime from dominating Europe.
TUNIS (TAP) - Jonas Weiss Memorial Fund awarded its 2011 honorary distinction to Tunisian blogger Lina ben Mhenni, for her efficient contribution in bringing about the fall of the authoritarian regime in her country, which ignited the Arab Spring and spread demands for democratic change throughout North Africa and the Arab world.
1) In this study we use the terms dictatorship and authoritarian regime interchangeably.
Egypt was ruled by authoritarian regime, under the military and a dominant government established party, for more than sixty years.
Security forces fired bullets and tear gas at tens of thousands of people protesting against the country's authoritarian regime.
Lamenting on the poor policies of the previous government, the sources said the authoritarian regime in 2007 absorbed the international price escalation for which everyone had to pay in the form of energy shortage and accentuated by rising circular debt.
Azerbaijan is ruled by an authoritarian regime under young Ilham Aliyev, who was elected president on Oct.