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an English translation of the Bible published in 1611

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Having previously delighted Crescent audiences with his one-man Hamlet and My Life in Art, he will be appearing in The Authorised Version with fellow Crescent graduate Colin Howdle, who plays Sergeant Finlay in BBC Television's The Doctors.
A total of 12 readers contributed video recordings of their favourite passages as part of an attempt to have the whole Bible recorded on YouTube in time for the 400th anniversary of the King James or Authorised Version of the Bible this year.
Dozens of sayings that remain popular today originally appeared in 1611 with the publication of the King James or Authorised Version of the Bible.
In the authorised version of Channon's post-race quotes published by racing's tireless on-course press agency Racenews, Channon then remarked: "You press people wrote her off, trying to tell me that she was only a Group 2 filly.
Francine told us it's now the only authorised version which is allowed to be performed and we will be the first people to do this,"says Anthony Smith who plays Mack.
6 In literature, the Authorised Version of the English Bible was agreed at a conference supported by which British king?
Many of Coverdale's original phrases were retained in the later authorised version.
But the French will have to wait until October 26 for the authorised version.
I sought the authorised version on the theatre's website but it refused to open for me.
The King James Authorised Version misleads when (in Acts) it refers to Jupiter, Mercury, and Diana: the Greek naturally has Zeus, Hermes, and Artemis.
My reading is from the authorised version, Acts of Your Apostles and how to become leader: You didn't go to church as often as you should, you said.
At the time of the Civil War when the Authorised version of The Bible was fairly new, Christmas morning largely consisted of a trip to church.
But the landmark text was known as the Authorised Version after it put together the work of 47 Church of England scholars.
He made the point of saying he had used his authorised version of the bible for many years but had also read many others versions to compare the writings.
Literary Editor's Note: Given the importance of this year's anniversary this issue has two reviews of two important new books on the Authorised Version.