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Synonyms for authentication

Synonyms for authentication

a mark on an article of trade to indicate its origin and authenticity

validating the authenticity of something or someone

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By focusing on traditional costume, religious customs and rural folklife, the museum offers "a scientific authentification to a culture anchored in the soil and the blood of the people who inhabit it.
Moodle can be integrated with a corporate system via external database authentification.
0" content offers many (but not all) of the opportunities for authentification, interrogation, revision and consensus building absent in one way mass communication and present in face-to-face communication.
GENEVA, Switzerland -- Sensometrix SA, worldwide leader in the biometric identification and Fujitsu Ltd manufacturer of the PalmSecure authentification system announced today a major milestone achievement in biometric vein identification.
Toopher is an Austin authentification software maker.
Charity spokesman Bill Hagerty said: "We don't know who donated them and I have never heard of the person who signed the authentification letter.
En mettant l'accent sur le costume folklorique, les coutumes religieuses et les traditions rurales, le musee offre une authentification scientifique a cette culture liee au sol et au sang .
NTT will develop data authentification and coding technology, while Sharp will mass-produce the chips.
He urged me not to introject or accept the mistaken prestige and authentification hierarchies that academic institutions cherish as part of an institutional assessment of the value of one's publications.
Mirror Sport has uncovered evidence of a Moscow-based fixer offering forged passports to agents for $30,000, which includes authentification of the documents on the computer system of the country concerned.
Thus, access from home is possible with the proper IP authentification from the subscriber institution.
The cryptographic microprocessor supports key encryption for privacy and digital signatures for authentification or user identification.
Multi-level security including biometric authentification.
Central to the Chicana literary history traced in these books is the consideration of its diverse contexts, and of the complex socio-cultural, class, race, and gender dynamics constituting Chicana subjectivities and shaping the authentification of the theoretical analyses that describe them.