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a filmmaker who has a personal style and keeps creative control over his or her works

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Therefore I would assert that an auteur becomes defined not through inherent qualities of a biological author, as Andrew Sarris's auteur theory would have had us believe, but instead through those filmmakers whose names become regarded by a given social / cultural context as auteurs (This argument is obviously influenced by Staiger and others; see Note 8).
In Chapter 4, the authors concentrate on using thematic criticism and the auteur theory in analyzing Chinatown (1974).
Fitch cited the auteur theory of insurance: because Warren Buffett is an older man, it's negativity from here on out.
Truffaut led the attack on conventional French cinema as pretentious and artificial and was influential in the development of the Auteur Theory, which exalted the works of commercial American directors.
Also in the cool column is the academy's long-overdue acknowledgment of the nearly half-century-old auteur theory, the critical touchstone by which a movie's ultimate quality is attributed to its director.
The auteur theory teaches that this objective powers the work as a whole.
To be sure, an examination of Pacino's career also shows the weaknesses of suggesting an auteur theory of acting (the actor in charge of himself and his product) since there are so many holes and inconsistencies that belie any attempt to develop a coherent theory of an actor.
Film historians concur that this is a noteworthy period, but not all agree with the auteur theory.
We sat in the new coffee-bars drinking cappuccino out of transparent glass cups discussing whether auteur theory was right or wrong (it's wrong--trust me--I'm a writer).
of Calgary) raise the question of how gender has complicated issues of auteur theory, genre, feminism, queer cinema, and national cinema.
Talk about revising copyright laws--not to mention the auteur theory.
The inclusion of Ronald Rodman's essay on composer Herbert Stothart in this section also works subtly toward challenging the auteur theory, although from the opposite end of the argument.