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the family of languages spoken in Australia and Formosa and Malaysia and Polynesia

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Fourthly, and following from above, these multi-disciplinary insights receive linguistic corroboration because the words for many significant food plants in ISEA cannot be assigned to Proto Austronesian (PAn)--the ancestral Austronesian language on Taiwan-- before dispersai southward.
2002 Notes on the history of 'focus' in Austronesian languages.
Blust (2000: 108) proposed, however, that prehistoric language levelling in the Philippines caused the extinction of Austronesian languages related to Chamorro and so: "Chamorro shares no body of demonstrable phonological or lexical innovations with the modern languages of the Philippines".
Table 1 gives a list of event types, drawing on Croft (1985), Goldberg (1995), Pinker (1989), and Levin (1993) (see also Crookston 1994; Beermann 2001; EAGLES 1996), augmented by our own work on Australian and Austronesian languages, and that of Nick Evans (pc.
After pointing out the immense geographcial spread of Oceanic languages and the huge amount of typological diversity within this subgroup of the Austronesian language family, the chapter presents a typological overview of Oceanic languages and an excellent typology of serial verbs in these languages.
The integrity of the Austronesian language family: from Taiwan to Oceania, in A.
A dialect of Tetum (or 'Tetun'), an Austronesian language is spoken in Wehali.
1-22) briefly describes the Austronesian language family.
There is an ongoing controversy as to whether Kadai and Miao-Yao languages should be joined with the Austronesian language family into an Anstro-Tai phylum.
The special link between the Austronesian societies of Southeast Asia and Madagascar, evidenced in the fact that Malagasy is an Austronesian language, has long been known.
While this would seem to be a curious variation in the division of absolute direction, this exact difference has also been observed in Tukang Besi, a Western Austronesian language of Sulawesi, Indonesia (Donohue 1995).
This thesis is a descriptive grammar based on thirty-one texts of Kadorih, a dialect of Ot Danum which is an Austronesian language spoken in the upper reaches of Kahayan River in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Inagaki Kazuya 2008 Kadori-go: Boruneo-to no Osutoronesia-kei gengo no kizyutu [Japanese] (Kadorih: The description of an Austronesian language of Borneo).
From a corpus of spoken Tagalog, the national Austronesian language of the Philippines, certain prefixes will be introduced to show why such is the case.
A further strand of research was the sociolinguistics of Austronesian language communities in Borneo and the compilation of a dictionary of Kelabit, a project that continues, thanks to Peter's efforts.