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a native or inhabitant of Austronesia

the family of languages spoken in Australia and Formosa and Malaysia and Polynesia

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Brindley does not even mention the opposing view--notably that of Solheim and of this reviewer on the archaeological evidence, Oppenheimer and Richards on DNA --that the Austronesians originated to the south, in the present-day Philippines and Indonesia.
Avoidance speech is a phenomenon found in many Austronesian languages (see Simons 1982) and is also attested for several Borneo societies, such as the Kayan (see also Sillander 2009 on the Bentian; Soriente 2014 on the Punan Benalui etc.
By connecting his island with Batan, Rapongan in effect envisions a spacious Austronesian family that sails and savors the waves.
Historically, Timor-Leste displays the hallmarks of its position at the crossroads of the Austronesian and Melanesian worlds (see Fig.
The search of the fossil linguistics especially in the Iban language phonology and morphology were then compared to Malay (Melayik) is believed to be able to uncover the veil which proves that the island of Borneo the second homeland of the Malay or Austronesian peoples.
Motu is an Austronesian language, and cognates for vada could be found in early colonial times among other Austronesian languages along the south-east coast of Papua New Guinea.
The ensuing discussions led to a collaborative National Geographic project, under Trefors leadership, that resulted in the publication of a paper offering for the first time genetic proof that all major Malagasy ethnicities carried both Austronesian and African genetic traits.
In June 2012, after traveling to Taiwan, ATAYAL's founder revised the mission to share the Austronesian culture of Taiwan as it relates to the Austronesian nations of the Pacific.
With a population of a little more than 1 million, the East Timorese are primarily Austronesian (Malayo-Polynesian) or Papuan.
The people of the Austronesian language family lived near the ocean and were very mobile," said Chen.
Using eight word-order features, Dunn and Gray's team statistically reconstructed evolutionary trees of languages from four major families: Austronesian, Bantu, Indo-European and Uto-Aztecan.
of pull' RAJA 'an Indian prince' SANTO 'a saint' SI 'a musical note' TAXI 'a cab' Noun B ALAS 'an Indonesian people' BUS 'a large motorized vehicle' CRUS 'a part of the leg' DAS 'Hindu slave' KAS 'a Dutch cupboard' KAMIAS ' East Indian evergreen tree' LIS 'a flower' MANAS 'mental perception in Hinduism' MANUS 'an Austronesian language' MARQUES 'a marquess in Sp.
Now the aboriginal people still able to speak their Austronesian dialects are about 2 percent of Taiwan's 23 million population.
Buschmann closes his introduction by briefly pointing out several longue duree themes (to be detailed in later chapters), such as the development of Muslim trade routes on the Indian Ocean between 700 and 1500 CE, and the slow but steady migration of the Austronesian peoples out into the islands of the Pacific.
Moreover, it makes exemplary use of Humboldt's recently rediscovered--but still largely unpublished--immense body of studies, materials, and scholarly correspondence that pertain to many of the world's major and minor languages, including those of Europe, Africa, Asia, the Austronesian language group of the Pacific and the Americas.