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In March of next year Austrian Airlines is launching the dual study program AIRcelerate for future air traffic managers.
Not all German-speakers are/were Germans; nor do/did all Austrians speak German.
A report broadcast by the Austrian TV said that 8 Austrians were killed while fighting in Syria while 40 others returned and some of them were jailed on charges of taking part in terrorist operations and joining extremist camps.
Specifically I first consider if authors publish more frequently over time in the QJAE and RAE, as would be expected if Austrians merely preached to the choir.
Research conducted by Austrian Market and Opinion Research Company (IMAS) shows that Austrians are wary of saving.
About two-thirds of Austrians describe themselves as Catholic.
The Austrians offered their help in development of alternative sources of energy, such as waste recycling, biomasses and other spheres.
The recent discussions of Arnold Schwarzenegger's feelings about Adolf Hitler--surprisingly, reporters failed to mention the Terminator's devotion to his friend the former Nazi officer Kurt Waldheim, who won an Iron Cross for Iris service to the Fuhrer--reminded me of one of the great mysteries of the modern era: How and why did Arnold's fellow Austrians escape their fair sham of accountability for their Nazi past?
The greatest achievement of the market process studied by the Austrians is its ability to coordinate disparate human knowledge into a spontaneous order that generates previously unimaginable wealth--the sort of wealth exemplified by Manhattan's are community.
Most Austrians felt that they had been forced into participation with Nazism, its war and crimes.
Austrians are well accustomed to the insensitivity or plain ignorance of titles such as Deutschland erzahlt--Von Rilke bis Handke (Frankfurt a.
Why did the Austrians change their minds in the course of a few weeks?
These pioneers were listed in the Canadian censuses of 1901 and 1911 as Austrians, Bukovinians, Galicians, Ruthenians, Hungarians or Russians, according to their place of birth as registered in their passports because the ancient Ukrainian lands had been divided as spoils of war by surrounding nation states.
But as dinner guests traveled from other countries to eat at our restaurant, our fellow Austrians became curious.
There are undoubtedly many decent, democratic, and unprejudiced Austrians, and it would be totally unfair to blame the country for having been the birthplace of Adolf Hitler.