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a geographical area in central and eastern Europe

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While Austria-Hungary conquered Serbia in 1915, a large part of the Serbian army escaped to join the Allies.
Indeed, he convincingly explains how Austria-Hungary was conceivably the major power least prepared to wage war in 1914, even compared to Russia and Turkey.
If Austria-Hungary supported Romania, from the desire to prevent the dominance of Russia in Bulgaria, Germany sided with Russia, because the latter to have no opportunity to get closer to France (Dinu, 2007: 221).
The government of Austria-Hungary was able to quickly neutralize any revolts that occurred, but its control over the various nationalistic populations within its borders remained tenuous.
August 12: Britain declares war on Austria-Hungary.
When Serbia failed to agree to every single demand, Austria-Hungary cut off diplomatic links and prepared for warfare.
against Austria-Hungary and declared war on Russia on August 1.
Austria-Hungary announced the annexation of Bosnia and Herzegovina theA following day, ushering into the Bosnian Crisis (or Annexation Crisis) of 1908-1909 creating diplomatic tension among the Great Powers that served as a preview of the Bosnian or Sarajevo Crisis of 1914 leading to the breakout of World War I.
The combatants formed two opposing alliances: the Allies (the UK, France and Russia) and the Central Powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy).
The defeat of France was definitive, and Austria-Hungary, held in check by a clear Russian threat, could not possibly intervene.
He reverses much interpretation by reasserting the importance of Austria-Hungary and her genuine fear of Serbian terrorism: the Empire was not declining and was a great power.
The Harrimans - who were from Austria-Hungary but moved to London before the war - acquired a fine collection of Chinese art, part of which was declared as being of national importance.
The late couple were from Austria-Hungary but moved to London in the 1930s
Many years ago my grandfather, an emigrant from Austria-Hungary, told me about the attempts of the Czechs to achieve equal rights within the empire through their own Ausgleich (Compromise), but were thwarted by the Magyars.
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