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Furphy" (a rumour) was also an Australianism coined during the Great War, and reflected the cynicism of the Australian troops with the information they received about the fighting in which they participated.
The Australianism of the poetry lies more in the depiction of landscapes with appropriate vocabulary than in particularly Australian language or revelation of an especially Australian cast of mind.
But after a slow start, without contact with university folk in Auckland, he was discovering Australia and Australianism.
However much the critic may wish to suggest that Graham develop in this or that direction in his verse and abandon others, this writer has found ways to combine romanticism, lyricism, Aboriginality, down-to- earth Australianism, and response to contemporary issues which satisfy him and to his admirers speak effectively his poetic purposes.
Also, for readers of the critical edition who are unfamiliar with nineteenth-century Australian slang, colloquialisms, and popular expressions, the editors provide a useful glossary of Australianisms.
Consistently underlying his humour were the basic Australianisms which made his work so typical and traditional.
Australian National Dictionary: A Dictionary of Australianisms on Historical Principles.
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