Australian sea lion

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a variety of sea lion found in Australia

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Colonies of the Australian sea lion, plundered by the sealers of the 19th century, are now threatened by the pollution, debris and entanglements associated with South Australian aquaculture development.
Australian sea lions are unique and only found off South Australia and Western Australia and at last count in the mid-1990s totalled a mere 2000.
The Australian sea lion occurs in the coastal waters of southern Australia.
Tourists are not always a deterrent to Australian sea lions, according to data collected by National Parks and Wildlife South Australia rangers and guides at Seal Bay on Kangaroo Island and analysed by CSIRO scientist Dr Peter Shaughnessy.
In fact, the Australian sea lion is one of the world's rarest pinnipeds (seals, sea lions and walruses) and is classified rare in SA.
Dennis, a self-confessed lobbyist for the Australian sea lion, was aware of Shaughnessy's work with fur seals, and was keen to harness his expertise.
Back then, little was known about the population and status of the Australian sea lion.
We had been monitoring the Australian sea lion colony at Seal Bay since the late 1970s,' Dennis says.
But the Australian sea lion cannot be categorised so neatly.
The Australian sea lion didn't breed every 12 months as everyone had assumed.
With data gathered during the study, Gales developed the first predictive model for estimating Australian sea lion population size from pup production figures.
Thus the Australian sea lion actually has a prolonged placental gestation of 14 months, much longer than in any other pinniped.
Does the Australian sea lion have a special internal mechanism which controls its reproductive cycle?
With so many mysteries still surrounding the Australian sea lion, the scope for further study is broad.
Krill, squid, toothed whales, Australian sea lions, sharks and seabirds are attracted to upwelling in the Kangaroo Island Pool off South Australia, and it is a spawning ground for giant crab, southern rock lobster and gummy shark.
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