Australian pine

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common Australian tree widely grown as an ornamental in tropical regions

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The placement of the nest by the Cinereous Warbling Finches was in an Australian pine which is exotic and invasive in Brazil (Santana and Encinas 2008).
The Australian pine problem includes three Casuarina species: C.
Breezes rustle through majestic Australian pine trees and you'll hear the clanking of sailboat masts moored outside the adjacent Sailing Squadron; at night, the island offers stunning views of the city skyline.
He supervises the removal of invasive plants like Brazilian pepper and Australian pine, directs hydrologic restorations, and, along with the county's newly hired fire mitigation specialist, Chuck Johnston, prescribes and regulates new fire regimes.
Along the beach path that crosses over North Casey Key Road--so crowded originally with invasive Australian pines that the beach wasn't visible from the property--he built a walkover and lined it with beach daisies, sea grapes, green buttonwood and bendy Sabal palms.
Its moniker comes from the spires of towering Australian pines that once lined the shores of Melbourne Beach before another tall invasive--the condominium--took root.
In 1980, Jules bought 80 acres of Australian Pines off of Biscayne Boulevard, which would become the ultra-luxe Williams Island on Dumbfounding Bay.
Along the route, gently swaying palm trees mingle with orange groves and imported Australian pines, while the view across the bay is striking for its absence of any tall buildings - just miles of unspoilt coastline.
farm and grazing land, and Australian pines and Brazilian pepper trees are slurping up Florida's fresh water.
First to be tackled was the front yard, essentially a thicket of Australian pines that had grown to 20 feet wide.
Compounding these detriments, the clearing of native coastal habitat has opened the door to fast-growing non-native plants like Brazilian pepper and Australian pines, which can replace a once complex native plant community of 20 to 100 species with one or two dominant species.
There are several hotels along its long crescent, but they are small and hidden in a fringe of Australian pines, so the beach seems undeveloped.
It's tucked away among the Australian pines at the northwest tip, with views up the Intracoastal to the village of Cortez and out through Longboat Pass to the Gulf of Mexico.
Those in the know don't swim at the very end--the water in Big Pass can be too turbulent--but they do moor their boats among the Australian pines on the bay side, wind-surf on the breezier Gulf side, picnic and enjoy the children's playground.
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