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We will be progressing this through the parliament and taking the recommendations seriously because the Australian people have had a gutful of this and they want it sorted," he said.
Sayyid Badr expressed his appreciation for the Australian people s warm welcome to the Omani delegation and for hosting the Omani Cultural Days in Australia.
Gusmao appealed to the ''good will and generosity'' of the Australian people and the state and federal governments to consider the issue ''within the spirit of mutual understanding.
She said later that she had followed the debate on the monarchy "with the closest interest," adding: "I have always made it clear that the future of the monarchy in Australia is an issue for you, the Australian people, and you alone to decide by democratic and constitutional means.
I will convey the deep appreciation of our Government and the Australian people to the Turkish Government and the people of Turkey, for continuing to uphold the memory of those who died at Gallipoli, and in particular, for the manner in which they respect, care for and maintain the sites of sacrifice which are treasured by Australia and New Zealand.
But by December of that year, he proposed for the federal government to hold a conscience vote on the issues, acknowledging that "the mood of the Australian people is changing.
Visits by the Queen are etched into the collective memory of the Australian people," Gillard said in a statement.
I can't speak for the Brits and the attitude they have taken to these Commonwealth Games, but they are important to me, important to the Australian people and that's why I am here," Meares said.
In a 33-31 vote, the opposition and minor parties combined to criticize the government for sending troops to the Middle East without a proper explanation to the Australian people.
On behalf of the Government and the Australian people, I thank Mr Richardson for his leadership and service and I wish him and his wife, Betty, all the very best for the future.
Members of the royal family have enjoyed being in Australia and that pleasure is amply reciprocated by the Australian people," Mr Abbott said.
The Australian people have demonstrated themselves to be remarkably attached to institutions that work.
and we believe that it's appropriate to inform the Australian people of this,'' Ellison told reporters in Canberra.
So hopefully the Australian people never hear any more about of this crazy proposal again.
Mr Abbott insisted Labor is doing its best to sabotage the policies by giving the Australian people the two-fingered salute.
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