Australian lungfish

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an endangered species of lungfish found in rivers in Queensland

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While social relationships and impacts remained important to the internal operation of the campaign, by the time I started my fieldwork in 2008 the campaign's public focus on the EPBC Act and impacts on protected species such as the Australian Lungfish had come to dominate any human concerns.
The new sign, including the Australian Lungfish, Mary River Cod and Mary River turtle, was an indication that primary production and agricultural heritage had become subordinate to the environmental interests of urban newcomers who had dominated the successful alliance politics of the campaign (see Plates 2 and 3 below).
That is, rather than the protection of (agri)cultural heritage or the consequences of the dam proposal in terms of social impacts, the campaign was publically largely focused on scientific environmental issues, particularly the survival of iconic endemic species such as the Australian Lungfish, the Mary River Turtle, and Mary River Cod.
Fine structure of the spermatozoon of the Australian lungfish Neoceratodus forsteri(Krefft).
Escorted by Shedd officials, McMurry will also stop by one of its oldest residents, Granddad, an Australian Lungfish who was at Shedd during the time of his parents' trip and is now the oldest living fish in any aquarium in the world.
They studied "primitive" cartilaginous fish-Australia's bamboo shark and its cousin, the elephant shark-as well as three bony fishes-the Australian lungfish, the zebrafish and the American paddlefish.
Not only will the dam consume prime agricultural land, endangered remnant rainforest, some 1000 properties, a cemetery and part of the Bruce Highway, it will also destroy some of the last habitat for the Mary River Cod, the Mary River Turtle and the scientifically significant Australian Lungfish.
Particular initiatives included $23 million spent on a fishway to allow passage of the Australian Lungfish, revegetation and regeneration of over 200 hectares of land to replace inundated habitat, and a hatchery for the Elseya Turtle.
The Australian Lungfish is irreplaceable, and the international community is appalled and dismayed that a wealthy and conservation-aware country such as Australia could be prepared to, in effect, deliberately drive such a scientifically important animal to extinction,' he says.
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