Australian Labor Party

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the oldest political party in Australia, founded in 1891

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Whereas much of the world, and more recently Sweden, Spain and the UK have moved to recognize Palestine, regardless of the status of the peace negotiations, the Australian Labor Party hold true to the rhetoric of yesteryear.
Australian Labor Party - Victoria Senator the Hon David Feeney -- Parliamentary Secretary for Defence
Ross McMullin, The Light on the Hill: The Australian Labor Party, 1891-1991, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, 1992, p.
Australian workers were even more prosperous than Americans, he points out, and yet they organized the Australian Labor Party.
6% swing to the Greens means nearly 75% of the swing against the Australian Labor Party wound up with the Greens.
Until recently historians have neglected the branch level activities of the Australian Labor Party (ALP).
AAP noted that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in 1996, when he was foreign affairs spokesman of the opposition Australian Labor Party, wrote an article highly critical of North Korea, giving a first-hand account of the starvation he had witnessed during travels there.
Aussie showbizzers are expecting the new Australian Labor Party government swept to office with a strong majority Nov.
In April, delegates to the Australian Labor Party national conference narrowly voted to overturn the party's 'no new uranium mines' policy.
With an election looming in Australia late in 2007, and with his opposition Australian Labor Party (ALP) leading the polls with historic margins, Garrett has been targeted for attacks both by conservatives and his own supporters.
The opposition Australian Labor Party remains opposed to nuclear power, but approves of uranium mining as a means to boost the local economy and provide jobs.
In government, the great task of the Australian Labor Party is twofold; to uplift the lives of our citizens and to uplift the spirit of the nation--to give working Australians the opportunity to realise their dreams and give our nation the opportunity to realise its potential.
Then it produces the usual line criticizing the relationship between the union movement and the Australian Labor Party.
Emerging from the wake of The Latham Diaries, this collection grapples with many of the questions raised by Latham's attacks on what he calls the 'poisonous and opportunistic culture' of the Australian Labor Party.
The Australian Labor Party congratulates George W Bush on his reelection as president of the United States of America,'' Latham said in a statement.
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