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Synonyms for Austerlitz

a town in Czech Republic

a decisive battle during the Napoleonic campaigns (1805)

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As far as I was concerned, the world ended in the late nineteenth century, I dared go no further than that" Thus, Austerlitz, almost inconceivably, as he himself admits, reached middle-age, a respected lecturer in a London institute of art history, having spent decades compiling his investigations into the history of bourgeois architecture and civilization, knowing next to nothing about "the conquest of Europe by the Germans and the slave state they set up" He eventually, painstakingly, reconstructs his parents' final years, up to his mother's deportation to Theresienstadt in 1944 and his father's internment in 1942 in the French camp of Gurs.
Adoptaremos esa categoria para analizar el modo en que en la novela son entendidos y representados esos acontecimientos, que dejaron su impronta en Austerlitz en tanto protagonista.
On this day one year later he defeated Austro-Russian forces at the Battle of Austerlitz.
Paul Austerlitz seeks to thicken this well-seasoned stew further with Jazz Consciousness: Music, Race, and Humanity, which takes jazz's multivalence as a foundational premise.
The Battle of Austerlitz is considered Napoleon's greatest victory.
Only the text for Wilfrid Sheed's ``Muhammad Ali - A Portrait in Words'' (1975), basically a fleshed-out photo book, combined information and real insight, but it only followed Ali up to the Foreman fight - sort of like a biography of Napoleon that ends with Austerlitz.
Principal battles: siege of Ochakov (1788); siege of Warsaw (1794); Brescia (1799); Hollabrunn, Austerlitz (Slavkov) (1805); Eylau (Bagrationovsk), Heilsberg (Lidzbark Warminski), Friedland (Pravdinsk) (1807); Mogilev, Borodino (1812).
Sebald's Austerlitz, digital network memory, the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria in 1897, and reporting on the expulsion of Germans in Polish and German magazines.
Settling on the plight of the homeless as her topic, she is determined to make No - a pretty but grubby homeless girl she encounters at Austerlitz station - her interviewee.
With apologies to W C Sellar and R J Yeatman, the authors of 1066 And All That, every school pupil knows that Mary Queen of Scots had Calais carved on her heart after Sir Francis Drake abandoned a game of bowls to beat the French on his way to sign the Treaty of Austerlitz, which ended the 100 Years War.
Principal battles: Fleurus (1794); the Tagliamento (1797); Austerlitz (Slavkov) (1805); Mohrungen (near Mitomtyn) (1807); Linz (Austria), Wagram (1809); Grossbeeren, Dennewitz, Leipzig (1813).
Nazi labour camps in Paris; Austerlitz, Levitan, Bassano, July 1943-August 1944.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 John Mortimer; 2 Leeks and potatoes; 3 Percy Thrower; 4 South Africa; 5 Austerlitz.
Jacques Austerlitz, aged five, is sent from Prague in 1939 on the last 'kindertransport' of Jewish children to Britain.