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a town in Czech Republic

a decisive battle during the Napoleonic campaigns (1805)

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Napoleon Bonaparte's stunning victory over the combined armies of Austria and Russia at the Battle of Austerlitz on 2 December 1805 was one of the French emperor's greatest military achievements.
She then turns to Sebald's The Emigrants for further evidence of the trauma of the Holocaust, and finds it, but it is veiled, and she finds plenty of evidence in his Austerlitz, but with blind spots.
Vincent Millay and Cora Millay at the Millay home in Austerlitz, N.
Travellers seek information at the Austerlitz railway station in Paris after traffic was interrupted following the accident in Bretigny-sur-Orge.
In thought if not always in reality, the writer and his largely alter-ego characters such as Austerlitz journey back in time and place; to haunting realities of the Holocaust and to the destruction of Germany itself by the devastations of aerial fire-bombing.
In the case of Rings of Saturn or Austerlitz or Last Evenings on Earth, an entire history of violence courses behind mundane episodes of life.
He should be able to hold his position to the third turn and, granted a clear passage in the second half, Austerlitz can up the tempo from halfway and come through with a determined challenge approaching the fifth bend.
Abstract: This essay expands on Werner Packull's conclusion that Marpeck was affiliated with the Austerlitz Brethren in Moravia, and that it was this group who commissioned him as an elder or messenger before late summer of 1528, when he arrived in Strasbourg.
Travel remains one of the most significant dimensions of Sebald's oeuvre, not least for Anglophone readers whose appreciation of the four prose narratives--translated as The Emigrants (1996), The Rings of Saturn (1998), Vertigo (1999), Austerlitz (2001)--and the long poem, After Nature (2003) as travel literature is not dependent on a knowledge of German.
Bert Gray, Paisley A Fred (Friederich Emanuel Austerlitz, 1899-1987) had a graceful dancer sister Adele (1896-1981) who was his first partner.
Born Frederich Austerlitz in 1899, Astaire's lower-middle class childhood was devoid of any of the glamour of his later films.
The name Austerlitz sounds more like a Napoleonic battle than a name fit for a great dancer.
One cannot discuss battles like Austerlitz or Waterloo with one map as a reference.
Sebald's Austerlitz and Roland Barthes' Camera Lucida.
In this book, a well-known military writer and correspondent presents a series of biographical profiles of military persons--professional and amateur soldiers alike--each of whom represents a major conflict from Austerlitz down to the Golan Heights.