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a person who foretells future events by or as if by supernatural means

Synonyms for auspex

(ancient Rome) a religious official who interpreted omens to guide public policy

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Consolidating our audio assets on the Auspex system has eliminated the throughput problems we experienced with our old servers because application programming and files are no longer competing for the same processor resources," said Michael Stevens, Director of Operations for New Jersey-based Audible, Inc.
The "brat" occupies roughly half the space of a typical Auspex server for flexible placement in the office environment, while delivering the same market-leading performance as a full-sized Auspex system.
The IC design firm has upgraded to new Auspex systems roughly every three years since then to take advantage of performance enhancements in each new Auspex generation of Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances.
Louzek most recently worked as director, channel sales and field marketing for Auspex Systems Inc.
Auspex Systems develops, manufactures, sells and supports a line of high-performance UNIX/Windows NT multi-protocol network file and data servers for the technical workstation market.
LIDP's experience illustrates the important role that our NS3000 NAS platform can play in minimizing the total cost of storage ownership," said Michael Carrigan, Vice President of Sales for Auspex Systems.
EDUCOM has established strategic relationships with Auspex Systems, Essential Computing, Canada-Pacific Technologies, FreTech, Microsoft, AmikaNow
Before joining SANgate, Sutkowski was vice president of sales, eastern region for Auspex Systems, Inc.
Spectra Logic, an industry-leading manufacturer of high-density tape libraries for data protection and backup, and Auspex Systems, , a leading manufacturer of data servers, today announced that the Spectra 64000(TM), Spectra 12000(TM), Spectra 10000(TM) and Spectra 2000(TM) tape libraries have been tested and certified by Auspex as compatible with its NS3000 family of network servers.
Many system administrators today need to manage SAN islands from multiple vendors, either because of a company merger or because they purchased a second less expensive system to lower costs," said Mike Worhach, President of Auspex Systems.
The company has provided training and services internationally to high technology companies such as Cisco Systems, Silicon Graphics, Auspex Systems, Lakeview Technologies, and Granite Systems.
We have been testing an InfiniBand system in our lab for over a year, and the implementation has resulted in dramatic speed gains on our internal bus," said Jim Garvey, Vice President of Engineering at Auspex Systems.
Prior to Quantum/ATL he held management positions at Auspex Systems and Memorex Telex.