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a Nazi concentration camp for Jews in southwestern Poland during World War II

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Once a year, schools put forward two students to have the opportunity with Lessons from Auschwitz of an educational trip to Auschwitz.
She was charged as an accessory because she helped Auschwitz function.
Groening testified that he guarded prisoners' baggage after they arrived at Auschwitz and collected money stolen from them.
The Auschwitz Volunteer" is the first time that Pilecki's most comprehensive report on his secret undercover mission at Auschwitz has been published in English.
The pair were found with fragments of hair clippers, spoons, buttons and pieces of glass after they were caught in warehouse number five, where the belongings of the Auschwitz arrivals were seized.
Auschwitz, located near the city of Krakow in southern Poland, has become a poignant symbol of the Nazi German Holocaust that claimed six million Jewish lives across Europe.
Groening is known as The Accountant of Auschwitz because his job as an SS sergeant was to steal cash and valuables from the luggage of Jews arriving to be killed.
More people died at Auschwitz than any other Nazi concentration camp or any other death camp in history.
When Zimmer initially tapped Wallfisch for the film, he was aware that Wallfisch's grandmother had played cello when imprisoned at Auschwitz.
Captured in Libya in 1942, Ron was transported to Auschwitz and put to work alongside Jewish slave labourers at IG Farben's infamous chemical factory.
Auschwitz survivor Dr Giselle Cycowicz, 87, is now a great-grandmother and a psychologist who works in Jerusalem with other former inmates of the notorious camp.
A READ about a prisoner of war's experiences is never easy or upbeat but A Brief Stop On The Road From Auschwitz, by Goran Rosenberg (Granta, PS16.
Set In Rome in 2010, Brenda Webster's novel narrates the suffering of Auschwitz mitigated by a couple's loving relationship.