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a yellow crystalline antibiotic (trade name Aureomycin) used to treat certain bacterial and rickettsial diseases

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In 1949, McGinnis et al reported that a crude protein supplement prepared from Aureomycin (chlortetracycline) mash promoted the growth of turkeys [25].
Following 24h incubation at 25[degrees]C, a germinating conidium was picked and subculture on to a fresh Oat meal Agar plate amended with aureomycin using a fine scalpel.
Effect of Aureomycin and Animal Protein Factor on Healthy Pigs.
Lederle Laboratories scientists show that lacing animal feed with trace amounts of the antibiotic aureomycin can boost the growth of livestock (4/22/50, p.
The comparative effectiveness of aureomycin, terramycin, chloramphenicol, erythromycin, and thiocymetin in suppressing experimental rickettsial infections in chick embryos.