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Gail's ordeal began when aunt Michelle Thomson, 35, entrusted her with some jewellery for safekeeping.
Salesman Stuart's aunt Michelle said he loved the site where he died and had camped there many times before.
JINXED AFFAIR Young Michelle with black boyfriend - her family taunted her' WITH JADE Proud new aunt Michelle cuddles her baby niece' WITH JACKIEY She parties with Jade's mum, right' TAUNTED: Michelle
First, aunt Michelle Coddock cuddles her at just six months.
Her aunt Michelle Caddock said: "Jade survived a childhood that could have easily left her damaged - now she is being damaged even more.
The drama occurred when Karl was on holiday in Ipswich with his aunt Michelle Robinson, 26, and her fiance Martin Pryke at his family home.
He had been on a break with his aunt Michelle Robinson, 26, at her future mother-in-law Anita Pryke's home when he fell into the water.
Karl, from East Belfast, had been staying with his aunt Michelle Robinson, 26, at her future mother in-law Anita's home in Ipswich, when he went missing.
Sean Johnson, former lover of Danielle's aunt Michelle Cable, said he saw the outburst.
She claims aunt Michelle Cable, 32, attacked her in the street over Sean Johnson, 21.