menstrual cycle

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a recurring cycle (beginning at menarche and ending at menopause) in which the endometrial lining of the uterus prepares for pregnancy

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I would like to thank your readers on behalf of my aunt Flo (nee Messer) due to reunited article you published she is now in contact with the Bryden side of family ( all the way from Australia.
The moon-headed, line-drawing little boy, with his triangular body, circular head, and stick arms and legs, not to mention Aunt Flo, Farmer Barleymow, PC Copper and Frank the Postman, were created by creative husband-and-wife-team of writer Michael and illustrator Joanne Cole.
Not the cult cartoon nephew of Aunt Flo, of course, but Brian O'Driscoll, the player who combines heavenly talents with the face of a devilishly naughty schoolboy.
Michael Bell can score with Aunt Flo in the Flying Fillies' Stakes (3.
Brokenhearted Aunt Flo xxx (Australia) Photos and memories are ours to keep, but to us now Len you are just asleep.
The body of Florence Jackson, known to family and friends as Aunt Flo, was found in the River Brede in May 1992.
Mrs Anderson discovered the alleged fraud when McCullagh refused to take her to see aunt Flo because it would bring back bad memories.
Adults of a certain age will remember fondly the antics of Bod, Aunt Flo, Farmer Barleymow, Frank the postman and PC Copper and its fantastic jazz theme tune.