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10), and Know-No-No, who looks as though he is coming back to form, can give trainer Tony Dicken a welcome winner in the Auld Reekie Handicap Chase (2.
Giles Cathedral, Auld Reekie, the cigarette in his right hand is 'replaced with a discreet pen'.
They will be looking to join Glasgow Roller Derby, Edinburgh's Auld Reekie Roller Girls, Cardiff 's Tiger Bay Brawlers and Middlesbrough Milk Rollers (the top four ranked teams in the country in the top flight next season).
1) Auld Sneaky (2) Auld Reekie (3) Auld Teakie CALL 0900 586 2137 and follow instructions (61p/min) or TEXT the word SSMCOMP1 followed by a space then your answer (1, 2 or 3), your name, full address, postcode and email address to 85858 (PS1.
The Robson family headed to Auld Reekie as a birthday treat for panda-loving daughter.
Stranded and unsteady in Auld Reekie, Sandy leapt on the next train heading for 'Berwick' only to find himself at the end of the line standing in a glorified platform bus shelter in total darkness at North Berwick, a quite different town.
The Birmingham Blitz Derby Dames, who used to train at the Cocks Moors Wood leisure centre in Kings Heath, but are moving to Aston Arena, were pipped by the Auld Reekie Girls of Edinburgh.
Edinburgh: Pride of Britain Hotels (0800 089 3929) offers three nights' B&B at 150-year old Cringletie House in Peebles before Dec 23 for pounds 325 per person for shopping either in Auld Reekie or local shops.
Auld Reekie was built in 1943 to supply warships as a victualling class boat, the VIC 27.
AULD REEKIE was what they used to call Edinburgh back in the days when its lums belched.
Romanov, I suppose, could be an eccentric philanthropist with a soft spot for Auld Reekie.
The Whipiteres only lost two bouts last year and are unbeaten so far in 2015, while the Hinnies took the title at last year's Great Yorkshire Showdown and were only beaten twice in 2014 - by Auld Reekie Roller Girls All Star Reserves and Dundee.
One my best pals, Sharon, has been away fae Auld Reekie for weeks.