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the capital of Scotland

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However, Edinburgh's Auld Reekie Roller Girls came out of the weekend ranked 47th, having moved up 13 spots.
named Auld Reekie and the Dear Green Place which allows pupils to
00 from Leamington to Auld Reekie was late leaving by 15 minutes and when we entered first-class carriage G, with pre-booked tickets, we found it packed solid.
10), and Know-No-No, who looks as though he is coming back to form, can give trainer Tony Dicken a welcome winner in the Auld Reekie Handicap Chase (2.
Giles Cathedral, Auld Reekie, the cigarette in his right hand is 'replaced with a discreet pen'.
And yet, when the English juggernault rolls into Auld Reekie on Sunday, it will be the 25-year-old Stirling playmaker who will hold the key to any Scottish victory.
Mind you, that's not the only dangerous animal in Auld Reekie.
Wansbeck children making the most of their visit to Auld Reekie, that's Edinburgh if you're not Scottish
The Robson family headed to Auld Reekie as a birthday treat for panda-loving daughter.
SIR - As a resident foreigner from Auld Reekie (Edinburgh), one feature of living in South Wales which gives me great pleasure is the number and frequency of amateur performances, particularly choral concerts, which are on offer at hardly any cost or inconvenience, for all of us to share.
We'd also got an Edinburgh two day pass which enabled us to visit many of the attractions, including the Camera Obscura, an Auld Reekie ghost tour, and the dungeons.
Auld Reekie was built in 1943 to supply warships as a victualling class boat, the VIC 27.
AULD REEKIE was what they used to call Edinburgh back in the days when its lums belched.
And it's a Great Run for 4000 in Auld Reekie MORE than 4000 hopefuls lined up yesterday for the start of the Great Edinburgh Run.