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Roman statesman who established the Roman Empire and became emperor in 27 BC

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So for all these reasons we can say the existence of Augustus Caesar is highly probable.
An estimated 20,000 Romans were lost in the battle, an act that shocked the people of Rome and their emperor, Augustus Caesar.
Consider this letter, written to the young Augustus Caesar, by Mark Antony, the famous (or infamous) lover of Cleopatra.
1601), Shakespeare's younger contemporary Ben Jonson imagines the mature Octavian, Augustus Caesar, in conversation with poets, with Vergil, Horace, Ovid, Tibullus, and Gallus.
Augustus Caesar reaped all the benefits he could from his nephewship, including the fact his uncle was declared immortal and that he was more to Julius than merely someone one endured during the holidays.
This is the story of Augustus Caesar, grandnephew of Julius Caesar.
Augustus Caesar, for instance, also had a lot of legislative accomplishments.
Consecrated in 9BC by Augustus Caesar to mark his victories in Gaul and Spain, the Ara Pacis (altar of peace) is an unparalleled surviving masterpiece of Classical sculpture, with finely worked bas reliefs depicting a picturesque array of allegorical, historical and mythological scenes in idealised, Grecian manner.
After all, looking up Agrippa in the encyclopedia brings up Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, close comrade of Augustus Caesar .
Two notable exceptions are the two months named after those ancient tyrants, Julius and Augustus Caesar.
But when Augustus Caesar came to power, the beautiful Egyptian queen's fate was sealed.
Augustus Caesar never had a burst pipe in his puff.
Rome: The Throne of Destiny The battle begins when Tiberius and Agrippa became co-heirs in Rome after the death of Augustus Caesar.