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a Roman Catholic friar or monk belonging to one of the Augustinian monastic orders

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The Mission of the Portuguese Augustinians to Persia and Beyond opens space for reflection on a little-known group and its mission ventures in Asia in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
Close to 1,500 people, including members of the Muslim and Bahai faiths, went to Fr Iggy O'Donovan's final Mass at the Augustinian Church in Drogheda, Co Louth, yesterday.
No less than other Catholic orders, the Augustinians wanted to add their heroes to the festal calendars of fourteenth-century Italy and to the canon of universal saints.
The point at which the Whigs and Augustinians come into conflict is over the issue of the moral quality of what is called the "culture of America," which is not of course confined to the geographical boundaries of the United States.
He is a member of the Augustinian Institute Advisory Board and has served on numerous committees at Villanova including, as faculty representative on the Board of Trustees Academic Affairs Committee, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Diversity Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee, and the University Judicial Boards.
The Augustinians have encouraged parishioners to sit inside the sparsely furnished jail cell and contemplate the reality of life behind bars in Limerick Prison.
The agreement followed a nine-month mediation process that included the Augustinians, the plaintiffs and the Chicago archdiocese.
According to The New York Times, there are only four Augustinians left at the hospice St.
Sixteenth-century Augustinians split into the Roman or evangelical camps not so much over grace alone--they were all against Pelagius--as over "faith alone" and over the application of the emphasis on grace (and faith) to other aspects of Christian life and worship.
Between the monastery block and via Saffi to the east lay two other former institutions: the house of Augustinian monks to the north and the Palazzo Brandini to the south, the latter a sixteenth-century family house later also used by the Augustinians.
The Roman chroniclers, Jacopo Gherardi and Gaspare Pontani, marveled at the events of d'Estouteville's funeral of 23 January, in which the body was seized upon by both the canons of Santa Maria Maggiore and by the Augustinians.
The English Augustinian revival owed more to Grosseteste than to contemporary continental Augustinians such as Giles of Rome.
bar] FINAL FLOURISH: Augustinians Seconds captain Derek Taylor and his 15-year-old teammate Alex de Boer combined to demolish Taxes Seconds in the Huddersfield Cricket Association's Crosland Trophy final at Woodfield Park.
Front: Johnny Krishnapillia, Ethan Horsfall, Dan Shelton, Danny Moxon, Billy Walsh Pictures by Eric Kershaw (zyhudd280610augker) * ACTION PACKED: Paddock''s Nabell Saleem strikes out (above), Augustinian's bowler Ethan Horsfall fires one down (left) and Paddock''s Zain Khan looks for runs (right) (zyhudd280610nabker /zyhudd280610bowlker /zyhudd280610zainker) * HOME SAFELY: The ball doesn''t arrive fast enough for Augustinians wicketkeeper Billy Walsh and Paddock's Zain Rafiq makes his ground in their Under 13 clash (zyhudd280610runnker)