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a Roman Catholic friar or monk belonging to one of the Augustinian monastic orders

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In essence, Russo argues that the High Enlightenment was a response to Marivaux, and via Marivaux, to the Augustinian tradition.
It may be counter-cultural in contemporary American academic circles to suggest, as the Augustinian scholar Saint Giles did seven hundred years ago at the University of Paris that learning should be ordered to love.
Benedict has also been strongly influenced by the Augustinian principle that faith is the door to understanding.
Regardless, the unintended reversal of Danto's Augustinian metaphor forces us to confront our methodological shortcomings on the global question, bringing the art world down to earth, so to speak.
By connecting this ancient doctrine to both Augustine and the American Founders" affirmation of a natural law accessible by reason across a broad range of faith committments, Ellingsen makes the Augustinian worldview relevant to today's religiously and culturally diverse society.
Born in 1023, he sounded Augustinian when he wrote in his Proslogium: "I do not attempt, O Lord, to penetrate Thy profundity, for I deem my intellect in no way sufficient thereunto, but I desire to understand in some degree Thy truth, which my heart believes and loves.
Chances are that you have not thought that Descartes's masterwork depends heavily on these two or any other Augustinian texts.
This new sensibility rejected the pessimism spawned by the re-embrace of Augustinian rationalism by Counter-Reformation Catholic elites, favoring instead an optimistic assessment of the efficacy of penance which looked backward toward the pastoral strategies devised by the mendicant friars (Franciscans and Dominicans) during the later Middle Ages.
Once the fragile Thomistic synthesis of Aristotle and Christian ethics was shattered, so this account goes, the door was opened for the voluntarist ethics of late thirteenth-century nominalist and Augustinian theologians.
The Augustinian soul, or "self," due to "Adam's errancy," "falls away from God .
Margot Fassler's Gothic Song: Victorine Sequences, and Augustinian Reform in Twelfth-Century Paris offers a refreshing change in approach by studying the Victorine sequence within historical, political, institutional, theological, and liturgical contexts.
In these volumes fifty-five scholars pay tribute to the Augustinian scholar, Fr Tarcisius van Bavel: |Augustinian', both as a student of the great African doctor of the Church, and also as one who has lived his life under the rule of St Augustine.
CHICAGO -- Two Lutherans left the Augustinian priory in Erfurt, Germany this week and are walking one thousand miles to Rome, retracing the footsteps of Martin Luther.
Narratives of the pioneer Augustinian 'barcada' or first missionary boatload in the islands that became the Philippines are usually framed by the mapping of the 'tornaviaje' by mariner Fray Andres de Urdaneta and the rediscovery of the icon of the Santo Nino de Cebu in 1565 during the expedition of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.
AUGUSTINIAN Woodhouse beat Gujarkhan stars in a thrilling Dewsbury Sunday League Cup final to clinch the league and cup double.