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Synonyms for Augusta

the capital of the state of Maine

a city in eastern Georgia north-northwest of Savannah

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Altho' Lady Dorothea's visit was nominally to Philippa and Augusta, yet I have some reason to imagine that (acquainted with the Marriage and arrival of Edward) to see me was a principal motive to it.
I soon perceived that tho' Lovely and Elegant in her Person and tho' Easy and Polite in her Address, she was of that inferior order of Beings with regard to Delicate Feeling, tender Sentiments, and refined Sensibility, of which Augusta was one.
His mother now came home, for she had been out, and took little Augusta on her arm.
But even in this sleep there came a dream, or whatever else it was: his little sister Augusta, she with the blue eyes and the fair curling hair, was suddenly a tall, beautiful girl, and without having wings was yet able to fly; and she now flew over Zealand--over the green woods and the blue lakes.
and Miss Brocklehurst, and to Augusta and Theodore, and Master Broughton Brocklehurst.
Tenders are invited for electrical renovations for the maintenance building for the augusta regional airport.
For readers who are unfamiliar with Augusta University Health, what are some basic facts that they should know?
From Court in the Wilderness to Court in the Metropolis: A History of the Augusta Judicial Circuit
8 February 2017 - US-based activewear and fanwear firm Augusta Sportswear Group has merged its Augusta Sportswear, Holloway and High Five divisions together, the firm said.
Target: Augusta Sportswear, Holloway and High Five divisions
Augusta Executive Chairman Richard Warke had characterized Hudbay's initial offer as "grossly inadequate.
com)-- Businesses and residents of America's second-fastest-growing technology city and customers of Guardian Watch[TM] Corporation, an Augusta based mobile application company, have established the “Friends of Augusta” community watch group.
Augusta's (Jasmine Trinca) dark journey of transformation begins with the haunting image of a fetus in sonogram juxtaposed with a bright half-moon, invoking an icon; a cut to Augusta sobbing indicates that something terrible has happened.
Property developer and building firm boss John Radcliffe has teamed up with two other entrepreneurs to provide exclusive packages taking golf enthusiasts to the world-renowned course at Augusta, Georgia.
In August, Augusta National Country Club, home of the storied Masters Tournament, finally admitted two women: Condoleezza Rice, a neocon secretary of state under President George W.