August Friedrich Leopold Weismann

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German biologist who was one of the founders of modern genetics


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The Prisoner of Zenda was conceived and written in late 1893, the same year in which a number of prominent British journals, primarily the widely-read Contemporary Review, (2) carried a contentious and highly public series of debates between some of the day's most noted naturalists and scientific philosophers, principally Herbert Spencer and August Weismann.
characteristics came from the German biologist, August Weismann.
The historical muscle behind this argument is Stanford's appraisal of the explanatory reasoning of Darwin, Francis Galton, and August Weismann in the later nineteenth century regarding the nature of heredity and development.
He describes the origins of genetics from ancient Greece onward, important scientific events, and those who contributed to scientific understanding, such as Darwin, Mendel, and August Weismann.
August Weismann found the shape of nucleic (noo-KLAY-ik) acids.