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commemorates Saint Peter's miraculous deliverance from prison

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If you would like to sign up to speak and have not previously spoken at the August 1st meeting, call Councilwoman Floods office to sign up at 574-1124.
NA Secretary General Allam Al-Kanderi said in a statement on Monday "the enlightenment session for those who have won National Assembly membership in 2013 will be held on Thursday, August 1st.
Speaking at the Pakistan's Milli Majlis, Bilour said that "on August 1st, Turkey will send a train from Istanbul to Islamabad and then freight trains will regularly cross between Pakistan, Turkey and Iran.
If you have the game try to arrange the tiles as shown, or solve it like a crossword puzzle, then send your numbered answers, by August 1st, to: "Solve it" c/o the editor, see details on page two.
Registration of traders was to begin August 1st, and actual trading to begin October 1st, with an envisioned 10,000 investors by January 1, 2004.
It looks like the launch date will be about August 1st, and price to consumer for a six-pack of .
The one thing we all want to keep in mind is that Carlos was not anticipating playing until August 1st (when practice begins for the fall Mexican season).
will be representing the canine Therapy Animal Program at the upcoming Service & Assistance Dog Appreciation Day event on August 1st at the Kellogg Environmental Center.
ISLAMABAD, August 01, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Summer vacations in Rawalpindi district courts have been started from August 1st that would be continued till August 31 for one month.
On August 1st, the Pakistans flag would be displayed at every road and highway of Islamabad in connection with countrys independent day August 14.
The exhibition will be inaugurated by Gao Youzhen, Consul General of the PeopleCOs Republic of China in Dubai and will be open to public viewing at the mallCOs China Court from August 1st to 16th.
The funeral is Wednesday, August 1st from OCONNOR BROTHERS FUNERAL HOME, 592 Park Avenue, with a Mass at Noon in Our Lady of the Angels Church, 1222 Main Street.
on July 27th; the Senate vote was 64-34 on August 1st.
On the mornings of August 1st and 9th Jupiter passes by a 5th- and a 6th-magnitude star, respectively - close enough that in a small telescope each star appears almost like one of the planet's Galilean moons.
WASHINGTON -- Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine is requesting nominations for the Responsible CEO of the Year Awards by August 1st.