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rig used in drilling for oil or gas

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Further condemnation auger drilling in Q2 and Q3, 2015 of several alternative plant sites intersected additional mineralized saprolite.
Two extensive gold targets on the Kiaka permit, Mouzi and Niaogho-Sondo (respectively 6km and 15km north of the Kiaka gold deposit), have recently been followed-up by a comprehensive auger drilling program (see Figure 1).
The Company recently completed an extensive auger drilling and soil sampling program at the 701 Mile project.
The auger drilling campaign has identified several coherent gold anomalies on the Company's wholly-owned Nakomgo permit (see Figure 2).
The first phase of sampling covered an area of approximately 17km2 and generated a number of strong gold anomalies which were subsequently sampled by auger drilling.
Completion of approximately, 37 holes at 6 sites with 300 to 400 samples in the auger drilling during the next week will enable Black Hawk to further advance the Preliminary Feasibility Study.
Our exploration team is currently conducting additional geophysical surveys, trenching and auger drilling to track the mineralized zones in and around Ouare.
Optional drill heads allow for limited auger drilling.
Osceola, Iowa, this all-hydraulic drilling rig uses percussive drilling to get through hard pavement layers, and powerful auger drilling for handling all types of soil, including frozen ground.
Vice-President, Operations for Klondike Star Mineral Corporation (OTCBB:KDSM) today released results from a productive winter auger drilling program.
Auger drilling - possible maximum depth - 40 meters in diameter and depth F110 15 to 20 meters in maximum diameter - 220 mm.
Recent work by Birimian Gold, including extensive programs of shallow aircore and auger drilling, has delineated a highly anomalous, coherent, 12km long gold trend; the Dankassa Gold Trend.
Crews are auger drilling the tailings stockpiles on 40 meter centers to a depth which is the base of the tailings, approximately 25 meters.
Volta" or the "Company") (TSX: VTR) announces that a 874 hole (8,249 meters) scout geochemical auger drilling campaign has identified several gold anomalies on the Company's wholly-owned Titao project in northwestern Burkina Faso, West Africa (see Figure 1).
Over 1,800 meters (6,000 feet) of auger drilling were performed initially, with 3,300 meters (11,000 feet) of additional reverse circulation drilling and 8,200 meters (27,000 feet) of diamond core drilling.