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extremely filthy from long neglect

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After the deal, Augean chairman Jim Meredith has jointly invested alongside BGF and has been hired by RiverRidge as non-executive chairman.
Among other things, he likened the situation he found at the department when he took over last February with the mythological Augean Stables -- which had not been cleaned for years -- and coffee-shop style gossip over taxpayers' returns, and claimed backlogs dating back to 1980 were holding up proper auditing.
Cleaning the Augean stables exposed him to enteric pathogens from the vast quantities of manure generated by teeming herds of cows, sheep, horses, and goats.
And he certainly hasn't slain the Nemean lion, captured the Cretan bull or corralled the cattle of Geryon - although Hercules' fifth labor, cleaning the Augean stables, does have curious resonance with some of Mike's efforts over the past 12 months.
24 May 2016 - UK-based specialist waste management businesses Augean plc (LSE: AUG) has acquired the entire issued share capital of specialist industrial services provider, Colt Holdings Ltd.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 24, 2016-UK Waste Management Firm Augean Acquires Colt Holdings
Private sector businesses including Sage, Siemens, PwC, Accenture, Augean Plc and Cummins chose Groundwork projects to invest their believed the work will make a real difference to local communities.
They are secretly longing for a fearless character to do the job of cleaning the Augean stables.
Landersin the Augean Stable said:"Palestinians are tempered partly by their desire to enlist support from the very Arabs who victimised them, partly by their fear of reprisal, partly by their honour-bound need to believe that the Israelis are their greatest enemies.
Should it not be the responsibility of the Health Ministry to take stock of this and do its homework for cleaning up the Augean stables of adulteration which is a mega business in itself?
Analogies have been plentiful (Tammany Hall, Enron etc) since Blatter's announcement, but the tale of Hercules and his task of cleaning the Augean stables appears particularly relevant.
The key players of this industry are Augean PLC (U.
Certainly, I don't have the vision of the broom needing to be used in the Herculean task of cleaning out the Augean stables.
Similar to the Herculean efforts required to clean the Augean stables, much is needed of CCOs to keep corporations compliant.
Knowing full well that it is tainted, the best thing for the IPL's holding company -- the BCCI -- would be to withhold this year's tourney and come back after doing a Hercules and clean up the Augean stables by 2015.