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Synonyms for synthesizer

an intellectual who synthesizes or uses synthetic methods

(music) an electronic instrument (usually played with a keyboard) that generates and modifies sounds electronically and can imitate a variety of other musical instruments

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Sonic Networks EAS: implements an interactive audio synthesis engine to support ringtone and game audio including a General MIDI (GM) synthesizer, matched soundsets, support for all ringtone formats, digital audio effects, and graphics synchronization.
TabToolkit includes an audio synthesis engine, tempo playback controls, metronome, and an easy-to-use tab upload and download manager.
Since Sonic is a music industry veteran and has become well known for the high quality of their sound, the incorporation of Sonic's EAS into Skyworks' Lynx(TM) cellular platform allows all handset designers to incorporate state-of-the-art audio synthesis, including the next-generation Mobile XMF MIDI format, at the lowest cost possible.
As a Palm devotee, I'm very proud that PalmSource has chosen MobileSynth to be the audio synthesis engine in future Palm OS products.
The hardware and software components under development are designed to leverage Media Vision's audio synthesis technology and experience in multimedia system design to provide significantly enhanced PC sound solutions.
com), a music industry veteran providing audio synthesis technology and high quality instrument wavetables, has joined INK.
The MPEG-4 Audio standard consists of a variety of audio coding technologies ranging from speech coding (HVXC, CELP), general audio coding (AAC, TwinVQ, BSAC), a Text-To-Speech Interface (TTSI), and numerous additional audio synthesis and coding techniques.
The SoundMAX solution, which consists of the Analog Devices AD1885 analog CODEC (COder/DECoder) and companion Windows(R) software drivers, leverages the Intel Pentium(R) III and Celeron(TM) processors to implement superior audio synthesis and 3D sound-effects processing.
Conexant's patented audio software solutions enable professional-quality wavetable audio synthesis for low-cost PCs.
today announced it will include Pentium III processor optimizations in its next-generation audio synthesis technology, improving interactive participation for real-time control of synthesized sound and sound effects.
Advanced audio synthesis - The Mpact media processor offers technologies like Wave Table and Waveguide audio synthesis, which delivers ultra-realistic musical sounds that capture all the richness and subtle nuances an instrument is capable of producing.