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Synonyms for audience

Synonyms for audience

the body of persons who admire a public personality, especially an entertainer

a chance to be heard

Synonyms for audience

a gathering of spectators or listeners at a (usually public) performance

the part of the general public interested in a source of information or entertainment

an opportunity to state your case and be heard


Related Words

a conference (usually with someone important)

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His unique combination of amazing illusions, entertainment and audience participation has captivated audiences around the globe.
The new segments, in which Franny prompts audience participation, are highly interactive and build young viewers' understanding of educational content explored in the episode.
A poignant memorial ceremony allowed audience participation by calling out names of deceased loved ones.
The Lettermen still perform with the group's trademark comic wit and include in their act impersonations, audience participation and greatest hits compressed into a 12-minute medley for all those nostalgia seekers.
The high-energy multi-media audience participation show will feature songs from the Gina D's Kids Club(R) and visits from the show's characters.
It calls for audience participation, which often spells disaster, but this choreography succeeds.
This workshop will sharpen attendees' Elizabethan language skills with discussions and audience participation.
Note to Editors: Additional audience participation photos are available.
If ever there was a movie that begged for this audience participation treatment, it's director Alan Parker's ``Evita.
Audience participation was also heartily encouraged, but we were shy and a bit intimidated by some of the very vigorous performers.
Each season we see a tremendous increase in audience participation across the country, from both toll-free voters and mobile phone users who text in.
Some other projects that will demand Reese's attention include devising a new cultural master plan, continuing the new Arts Card LA program to increase audience participation, and deciding whether to continue the city's nine regional arts panels that advise on the distribution of arts grants.
Part concert, part lecture-demonstration (with a nod to ballet history), and part audience participation, the performances showcased the dancers, aged sixteen to twenty.
based comedy troupe richly deserve to have derrieres in the seats, but its brand of full-throttle, song-and- dance satire feeds on feedback, and I'm not simply talking about the audience participation bits.
Founded in 1987 to fill a cultural void, the Empire is a ten-man company (which can expand to an ensemble of thirty-five) that melds history, audience participation, and the arts into thought-provoking, harsh, and confrontational scenarios.