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the area of a theater or concert hall where the audience sits

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For instance, the five members of a prominent government procurement consortium which had outsourced its IT needs under an AUD 100m ($66.
Perhaps the Sabres' biggest Aud highlight came when Brad May's overtime goal gave them a 6-5 victory over Boston in April 1993.
Bu Ajram said he looks forward to an exciting new phase, and I am so very confident that we can overcome life's obstacles as long as we never lose the values that AUD has embedded within our DNA.
I hope that AUD helps you achieve your dreams; and should you not have any, help you get a few.
Because the number of women with current AUD was small, Dr.
But as with any institution of higher learning, the AUD - although working within an American framework - has developed a character of its own.
AUD can disqualify patients from bariatric surgery--but 7.
Dubai is a modern city-state whose economic progress and broad-scale success has captured the imagination of the world," said Justin Cooper, an AUD governing board member.
The announcement follows the successful enrolment of 20 students to the degree course of their choice after being awarded a du and AUD scholarship for the first semester.
The Aud was built big, at a time when projects of that nature were undertaken with great deliberation and pride.
Interior design and architecture students at AUD are invited to submit original bathroom designs satisfying specific design criteria including water conservation, energy efficiency, water quality, alignment with government regulations and durability of design.
AUD surpassing the resistance Co the upper end of the downtrend, shown with a red dotted line in chart 1, was a signal for the end of the downtrend.
The agreement comes as part of Emirates NBD's Corporate Social Responsibility Program and as an effort by AUD to improve its collaboration with regional employers and to assist in Emirates NBD's recruitment needs.
Al-Suhaibani discussed future collaboration opportunities with Elias Bou Saab, executive vice president at AUD and followed it up by a tour of the campus.