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a hotel providing overnight lodging for travelers

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Galloway and Stephens decided in 2007 to take their complaint straight to Auberger, but he declined to meet with them.
Le nombre de recherches academiques se rapportant au sujet est en croissance (Quairel et Auberger, 2005; Berger-Douce, 2006; Dupuis, Haned et Le Bas, 2006; Paradas, 2006; Cabagnols et Le Bas, 2006; Spence, Gherib et Ondoua, 2007; Spence, Gherib et Ondoua, 2008; et Roy, Berger-Douce et Audet, 2008).
This congregation might then be thought to include only those nine or ten houses each of whose sites were chosen by Bernard of Clairvaux or Stephen Harding, as shown in Auberger, L'Unanimite cistercienne primitive, esp.
Luc-Emmanuel Auberger has been appointed Director of Finance and Risks at Natixis.
The keynote speaker will be Mike Auberger, executive director of American Disabled for Attendant Programs Today, an activist group that struggles to get equal rights for disabled Americans.
Mike Auberger thinks Taylor has an attitude problem.
Kaffenberger W, Holzer-Muller L, Auberger T, Clasen BPE, Hohlmeier G, Van Beuningen D.
Jason Steen, the president of the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA); Jeff Auberger, president of Conservation Development, LLC; and Dan Knapp, branch manager of Lyman Lumber in EauClaire, among others, urged Congress to enact bold measures that will stimulate the housing market and, in turn, revive the local, state and national economies.
So when the Greece policy rankled, Galloway and Stephens decided in 2007 to take their complaint straight to Town Supervisor John Auberger.