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British statesman and leader of the Labour Party who instituted the welfare state in Britain (1883-1967)

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Attlee presided over this country at a time of real austerity and not only did his government pull us through, it set up the great NHS.
By this reckoning Keir Hardie (though never prime minister), James Callaghan (still the only leader to serve in all four of the great offices of state) and Attlee stand among the greats.
Thousands of miners, their wives and children move in procession to Attlee Park, Bedlington for the annual Northumberland Miners' Picnic, early 1960s
He falls far short of the leadership Attlee displayed when the country pulled together to save our way of life in 1940.
gt;Former Liberal prime minister Herbert Henry Asquith, inset, and former PM Clement Richard Attlee are the reason two Peers are in the House of Lords today
In the book, Bakshi cites a conversation between the then British PM Attlee and then Governor of West Bengal Justice PB Chakraborty.
As post-war Prime Minister, Attlee led the most remarkable reforming government Britain has ever had, in most appalling economic circumstances.
A number of letters have questioned my honesty over my original letter regarding Attlee and his loss of power.
The name of Clement Attlee is indelibly associated with the great leap forward in the construction of Britain's welfare state accomplished by the 1945-51 Labour government: the implementation of William Beveridge's blueprint for National Insurance, a Family Allowance, improved old age pensions, and the National Health Service.
Churchill snidely described Labour leader Clement Attlee as a modest man with a lot to be modest about.
by Helena Attlee, Particular Books, hb, 20 [pounds sterling]
Earl Attlee, who is a Tory despite being grandson of Labour post-war PM Clem Attlee, said: "The spare room subsidy encourages people to make full use of their property and to consider running a small business.
Attlee, pictured, said: "Labour can deliver the goods.
All the trappings of power were absent last week at the funeral of Earl Attlee, Britain's Prime Minister from 1945 to 1951: no honour guards or artillery caissons, no press or television, no crush of spectators.
Unlike Queen Victoria, no one would accuse Clement Attlee of being 'colourful1, and Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds, a tutor at Oxford and a barrister, admittedly two professions that do not lead to lightness of touch, does not try.