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Synonyms for attic



Synonyms for attic

floor consisting of open space at the top of a house just below roof

the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken and written in Attica and Athens and Ionia

informal terms for a human head

(architecture) a low wall at the top of the entablature

References in classic literature ?
Fairfax stayed behind a moment to fasten the trap-door; I, by drift of groping, found the outlet from the attic, and proceeded to descend the narrow garret staircase.
They even fetched a candle, and looked inside a clothes chest in one of the attics.
They both heard a curious roly-poly noise under the attic floor.
Did we not hear a roly-poly noise in the attic when we were looking into that chest?
Sure enough the roly-poly noise was still going on quite distinctly under the attic floor
I left the breakfast-table, and as I ascended the stair I met him coming down with an old rusty key, which must have belonged to the attic, in one hand, and a small brass box, like a cashbox, in the other.
When my father took over the Horsham property, he, at my request, made a careful examination of the attic, which had been always locked up.
For the rest, there was nothing of much importance in the attic save a great many scattered papers and note-books bearing upon my uncle's life in America.
As for the Palace of the Bourse, which is Greek as to its colonnade, Roman in the round arches of its doors and windows, of the Renaissance by virtue of its flattened vault, it is indubitably a very correct and very pure monument; the proof is that it is crowned with an attic, such as was never seen in Athens, a beautiful, straight line, gracefully broken here and there by stovepipes.
If you could get a furnished one so much the better, but if not, we can scare up a few sticks of finiture between us and old family friends with attics.
As to the attics, no one ever called on them; if anybody wanted the parlours, they were close at hand, and all he had to do was to walk straight into them; while the kitchen had a separate entrance down the area steps.
I have always blushed for those who put their guests in the attics, who furnish them with mirrors that distort everything to such a degree that any one beholding himself might think that he was smaller or larger than nature made him, or suffering from apoplectic stroke or some other bad complaint.
But no; they have myriads of facts just as good, would they only get a lamp to ransack their attics withal.
Three bedrooms in a row there, and three attics in a row above.
We're going to lock up here and try what like it is from the attics.