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a watchdog trained to attack on command

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The attack dogs were quite tenacious, yet when I was left with them during mid-day rest periods their temperament was that of a well-trained assistance dog.
13, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- A gripping tale of hunting a wolf pack that has returned to their genetic origins, the Dire Wolf due to a misstep in breeding attack dogs.
Swan was first exposed by the Sunday Mail in 2007 after we caught him selling attack dogs to criminal gangs and dodgy security firms.
Thugs who poured out of the ground faced police with batons shields and attack dogs at every exit and helicopters hovering overhead.
The attack dogs remained on the loose yesterday with trained officers searching for them.
The latest incident happened on Sunday, January 9, and police want to trace the two men who were with the attack dogs.
And Worcester, like other urban areas, has a real problem with criminals using pit bull breeds as guard and attack dogs during drug deals and to protect drug houses.
A culture which tolerates attack dogs as status symbols on the streets and in family homes has to change.
In normal circumstances, the immigration officer would simply have had him dealt with by the machine-gun-toting goons who, appearing as though by magic, now stood behind him like so many attack dogs straining at the leash.
I hope this article resonates with the many who read it and that they will be more willing to lend support when their colleagues are being persecuted in the workplace, instead of acting as attack dogs.
The laws that put teeth into constitutional guarantees followed images of black men and women whose struggle to make real the principles of the founding was greeted with attack dogs and fire hoses.
In that position, he was notorious for ordering police to unleash attack dogs and use water cannons on non-violent protestors.
The public perceives the press not as watchdogs but as attack dogs.
Edgar Hoover, all of whom must have thought their "tracks were covered" by being such rabid attack dogs to our overall liberation.
Still, the worst is yet to come: Eddy is chosen as one of 26 Japanese American GIs to go to Cat Island, MI to serve as "bait" for training attack dogs, because President Roosevelt "believed we might smell different from white guys.