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the absence of a key


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Forte's nonsensical account of atonal music issues from an earlier attempt to explain musical understanding mathematically, using modulo twelve arithmetic to model pitch-class sequences and simultaneities.
Similarly motivated was the criticism of "artificial" atonal music.
In the end, Scruton believes that atonal music is kitsch in this same sense.
Eisler broke away from the Schoenberg circle and its preoccupations with atonal music and, from 1930, immersed himself in the jazzy cabaret atmosphere of Brecht and Weill.
I won't especially berate you about your evident distaste for atonal music, since I shared that aversion during my years as a horn player and organist.
It includes such sketches as "Words, Words, Words" - the piece about the three monkeys - and "Philip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread," which uses atonal music and repetitive language to mimic the music of minimalist composer Glass.
All three are quite listenable (conductor Jose Serebreier's liner notes make the case that in the '50s, atonal music was the rage, and music like this was simply overlooked), and indeed, more than that, they are quite rewarding to listen to.
He is known to be irritated that in the wake of his assassination, the media styled Lennon as the experimenting modernist, ignoring Paul's considerable dalliance with tape sampling, atonal music and the London art scene.
It would be wrong to dismiss all modern "classical" atonal music as nothing more than a fire in a pet shop.
While Talgung's eighty-six chapters, without obvious linkage to one another, each bearing its own rhythmics, thematics, logic, and chronological order, could be mystifying to some, its complex structure, reminiscent of Arnold Schoenberg's atonal music with its twelve-tone "serial" technique, may be intriguing to others.
The 20th century was the age of atonal music and the age of rock star Buddy Holly and film director Steven Spielberg, two life-affirming and celebratory creators.
much Victorian furniture and contemporary atonal music.
Humanizing the controversial Viennese composer, who shocked polite pre-First World War society by writing atonal music, was no easy task.
164), Healey's approach is ironically reminiscent of Forte's idea of a referential nexus set that governs a particular set complex (Allen Forte, The Structure of Atonal Music [New Haven: Yale University Press, 1973], 101, 113-14,210).
More Than One Thing," by Skeletons: This one might be difficult if you can't handle dissonance and atonal music, but if you can get past the song's alien qualities, you can see that Skeletons' songwriter Matthew Mehlan is truly a staggering songwriter .