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a dispenser that turns a liquid (such as perfume) into a fine mist

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PaintExpo's complete exhibition programme covers coating equipment for liquid, powder, UV, immersion and coil processes, paints and enamels for all processes, application systems, spray guns and atomisers, automation and conveyor technology, cleaning and pre-treatment, drying and curing, environmental technology, pneumatics, compressed air supply and exhaust purification, water treatment, recycling and disposal, accessories, masking, measuring and test technology, quality assurance, identification, paint stripping, job-shop coating, services and technical literature, it stated.
While India has production facilities for aluminium powder and can make it cheaper, Bahrain Atomisers could make inroads there as a "function of powder quality," said McLaughlin.
This contract is for the purchase of anaesthetic consumables and accessories, including; - Breathing Circuits, - Breathing Filters, - BVM~s, - Reservoir Bags, - Conectors and catheter Mounts, - Atomisers, - Oxygen Enrichment Devices, - Anaesthetic Masks, - Gas Sampling Lines.
A comparison of spinning disc atomisers and flat fan pressure nozzles in terms of pesticide deposition and biological efficacy within cereal crops.
The IRB 5500 robot combined with RB1000 atomisers presented the best way of meeting Aston Martin's requirements," comments Low.
Bar managers need to think about trolley service, flaming ingredients, constructing drinks at tables, and putting theatre into the delivery of drinks with spritzers, atomisers and oils.
Representatives of downstream companies that attended Alba's annual dinner for Bahraini customers included Aluwheel, Bahrain Atomisers, Bahrain Aluminium Extrusion Company, Bahrain Alloy Manufacturing Company, Gulf Aluminium Rolling Mills Company, Midal Cables and others.
The distribution of ultra-low volume sprays from a light aircraft equipped with rotary atomisers.
The atomisers are available for spring in Black Orchid, White Patchouli and Tom Ford for Men.
There's a real swing back to traditional perfume bottles in frosted glass and pump atomisers.