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The atomic-level detail in the ORNL study will guide researchers and manufacturers who want to fine-tune their catalysts atomic structure to meet the demands of a specific application.
The researchers say that their next step will be to use UEC to study the transition of the amorphous atomic structure of GeTe back into the crystalline phase--comparable to the phenomenon that occurs when you erase and then rewrite a DVD.
The atomic structure of C-S-H can be optimized by changing the ratio of joints, or atoms, versus sticks, or the chemical constraints acting between the atoms," explains University of California, Los Angeles Assistant Professor Mathieu Bauchy, Ph.
The latter revealed the receptor's 3-D atomic structure to a resolution of 1.
Venki is a world leader in research focused on the structure and function of the ribosome, having received international recognition for his determination of the atomic structure of the 30S subunit of the ribosome, and we are very fortunate to have him join our Scientific Advisory Board.
We developed a classification scheme, and examined 95 websites that teach atomic structure.
Physicists will develop new synchrotron techniques to reveal the atomic structure of major immune complexes, chemists will reveal how these molecules function within immune cells, and biologists will work out how all this comes together to make an immune response, and how they can increase or reduce that response.
Physicists, chemists, and electrical engineers cover theory, atomic structure, and electronic structure.
The name of Liquidmetal is derived from the fact that the alloy appears like metal and has twice the strength of titanium, but possesses an amorphous (non-crystalline, liquid-like) atomic structure that behaves more like plastics, particularly during the manufacturing process.
Another cousin on my father's side, Alex Pincus, was instrumental in developing the atomic structure of a special glass that was used in the bomb.
By changing the atomic structure at the atomic level, it is possible to design and make a material with a microalloy at the surface.
Army Research Laboratory say they have discovered that higher-energy impacts cause tiny bands of boron carbide to change into a more fragile glassy form, which was determined by observing the atomic structure of boron carbide fragments retrieved from a military ballistic test facility.
Reactions occurring at the electrodes create a flow of electrons that generate and store energy, but the atomic structure of the electrode materials limits the amount of energy that can be stored.
The hydrogen atom is the most basic atom from the point of view of atomic structure theory.
The foam's atomic structure looks like a fishnet, explains Peter Tsou of the Jet Propulsion Lab in California.