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the order of an element in Mendeleyev's table of the elements

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Depending on measurement goals and applications, JILA researchers can optimize the clock's parameters such as operational temperature (10 to 50 nanokelvins), atom number (10,000 to 100,000), and physical size of the cube (20 to 60 micrometers, or millionths of a meter).
For all the blends, the phase separation temperature comes to the lowest as the carbon atom number of alkoxy group comes to 4.
Helium atom number 7, however, altered the picture dramatically.
Moreover sub-Doppler temperatures can be reached in the same apparatus with similar total atom numbers indicating the technology could be used for reaching high phase space densities ideal for creating quantum degenerate gases or loading optical dipole traps and lattices.
Pointing to the results of the study, Bidgoli reiterated, "The results demonstrate that carbon atom numbers in these structures breed a sequence that has infinite harmonies and follows a simple formula.