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Atmospheric pollution, which strongly increases in economic upturns and diminishes in recession, might be one of several important mechanisms explaining why population mortality tends to decrease when the economy stagnates.
com/detail/News/101050) The state-run Mehr News reports that excessive use of private vehicles and Iranians' increasing indifference towards environmental issues have contributed to the growing atmospheric pollution.
This has the obvious unwanted effect of creating the much more subtle, life-threatening atmospheric pollution.
Among specific topics are solar energy and information, transport in porous media, metabolic growth model, grazing, adaptation and shift in species' composition, and atmospheric pollution by gases and particles.
The inevitable dramatic increase in local traffic, would be near gridlock at rush hour periods, combined with serious traffic induced atmospheric pollution in Yarm High Street - the jewel in Stockton's retail crown.
The former director of Malabar Cancer Centre in Thalassery said atmospheric pollution, extensive use of pesticides and smoking are among the factors causing a steady rise in the number of cancer patients in Kerala.
Many motorists have downsized to save on the cost of fuel, tax, and other overheads, as well as saving precious fuel and causing less atmospheric pollution.
To explain the mysterious emissions, scientists have been searching for years for the highly organized organic molecules, best known for their role in atmospheric pollution on Earth.
Presentations at the Congress--most notably on converging work by the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum, the UNEP Assessment of Black Carbon and Ozone and the Task Force on Hemispheric Air Pollution--open the possibility of a step-change in the scope and effectiveness of international co-operation on air pollution.
The simulator is expected to contribute with efforts to reduce energy consumption and limit emissions of the substances in South - and East Asia that cause atmospheric pollution - one factor in global warming and thereby bring about significant benefits worldwide.
The programme includes using laser tools to clean the sculptures from atmospheric pollution and remove factors causing damage, affix less secure areas of the marble and restore their structure.
Much of the timber for building comes from non-sustainable sources, concrete and metals use huge amounts of energy in production and PVC production produces atmospheric pollution.
REAP is a nationwide grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to ensuring energy independence and reducing atmospheric pollution.
Global dimming is a less well-known but real phenomenon resulting from atmospheric pollution.
The first is to present the guide on how to reduce atmospheric pollution in the sector of brickyards while the second will present a guide on the reduction of atmospheric pollution in the sector of paintwork, adhesive, resin and ink industries as part of the project on industrial and urban environment in Tunisia, financed by the French development agency AFD.
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