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This paper is based on fundamental psychological, meteorological and anthropological research of specific global atmospheric phenomena that might have influenced Indigenous art.
The branch is nationally recognized for its precision aeronautic model and spaceflight experimental hardware developed onsite for wind tunnel testing, shuttle flights, and airborne missions to study natural atmospheric phenomena.
To explain complicated atmospheric phenomena such as turbulence, scientists need to gather data at specific altitudes for extended periods.
Meteorologists can already predict up to a year in advance the appearance of some significant atmospheric phenomena affecting the behaviour of the oceans.
As ammonia is a marker for various atmospheric phenomena, this study will allow refinement of current climate models.
As the only high-latitude range in the United States capable of supporting launch trajectories toward the north, many of the rocket experiments are dedicated to the continued research of the aurora borealis and other upper atmospheric phenomena.
NASA launched UARS in 1991 to compile a database about Earth's atmospheric chemistry, processes controlling ozone in the stratosphere, the effect of the sun's radiation on the atmosphere, and other atmospheric phenomena.
Extratropical cyclones are asymmetric storm systems that produce a variety of complex atmospheric phenomena including 'sting jets,'" continued Tatge.
While mature markets have proven that weather data and modeling greatly enhance the predictability of wind production, particularly in flatter, more simple areas, atmospheric phenomena encountered in more complex geographies worldwide have an impact on wind variability, the reliability of short-term forecasting, and the overall performance of wind energy projects.
In previous studies, workers typically failed to demonstrate that prequake electrical signals were not caused by subway trains, atmospheric phenomena, or myriad other sources of electrical noise in the environment.
This facilitates comprehensive data gathering to increase our scientific understanding of upper atmospheric phenomena, which ultimately will help prevent the potentially large economic losses that result from severe space weather events.
Start of work related to the removal of the effects of atmospheric phenomena should be made immediately upon discovery, but not later than one hour of the event.
No other science platform provides the range and time to sample rapidly evolving atmospheric phenomena.
Moreover, they may shed light on how large a role magnetotail activity plays in generating auroras and other atmospheric phenomena above the Earth.
Environment Canada, the agency that monitors Canada's weather, water and other atmospheric phenomena, gave Sutron a $74,000 order, primarily for Accubars, Sutron's highly accurate solid-state barometric pressure transducer.
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